Our community consists of 600-acres, 1132 homes, a championship 18-hole golf course, a private waterfront park, tennis courts, swimming pools, and walking trails. In addition, you’ll find access to Goose Creek and the Potomac for kayaking, paddle boarding or just enjoying the views. River Creek offers an active lifestyle for all ages.


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The park’s family friendly facilities include a tot lot, basketball courts, beach volleyball, and tennis courts. In addition, you’ll enjoy a picnic area with grills and tables, bench swings overlooking the Potomac, and a dock for launching your canoe, kayak, paddle board, or casting a line for fishing.


Our Ault-Clark designed golf course provides golfers of all skill levels with all the elements you would expect from a championship golf course. For tennis enthusiasts, we offer six hard courts, four are floodlit for evening matches.

“We loved River Creek from our first visit. Beyond the natural beauty and the choice of neighborhoods, the heart of the community is found in its residents.”